Conatus, 2015

Video installation, 7min
In collaboration with choreographer Andrius Pulkauninkas and film artist Vytautas Kazys Juozėnas

A still from Conatus, 2015

In early philosophies of psychology and metaphysics, conatus (Latin for effort; endeavor; impulse, inclination, tendency; undertaking; striving) is an innate inclination of a thing to continue to exist and enhance itself.This “thing” may be mind, mater or a combination of both. Often the concept is associated with God’s will in a pantheist view of Nature. The concept may be broken up into separate definitions for the mind and body and split when discussing centrifugal force and inertia.

In Conatus video butoh dancer is interpreting choreography , which is created using human body cells, tissues pictures/descriptions. Body’s imprisonment in it’s own structures. Resonance in between the environment and the subject, who are identical in it’s biological structure, but the infinite complexity creates possibility for emerging new relationships. Movement is search for oneness and completeness. Video was made manually layering three shots on a 16mm analog film. Non-judgmental observation of macro and micro-dynamics of minds/bodies. Identification with the body, imprisonment in it‘s own structures, obedience, service for material conditions, resonating with mental imprisonment. Attentive listening, separation and unity enabling creation of space for glimpses of infinite perfection. Video sound is an electroacoustic composition somposed using recorded human inside body sounds.