Intergrade Hole

12’27” (loop)
Exhibited at Crumbling Through Powdery Air by Otobong Nkanga, Portikus, Frankfurt am Main
Concept and composition: Gailė Griciūtė, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi Voices: Otobong Nkanga, Gaile Griciute, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi
Sound recording: Gaile Griciūtė, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi
Text material: Doris Lessing, Otobong Nkanga
Sound material: Field recordings in Antwerp, Frankfurt and Vilnius
Sound engineering: Tom Forsythe
Photo credits: Helena Schlichting
Image courtesy: Portikus
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Accompanied by voices from different spaces and times, Intergrade Hole invites the listener on a journey through “a deserted landscape sizzling with change”, taking the perceiver’s present locus as a bridge between diverse worlds. You are invited to enter a hole, an empty space filled with gravitational forces and multiple temporal realities ― memories of the past and memories of the future. As these realities collide with each other, the boundaries between individual/collective, facts/fictions, past/present/future, are being questioned.

Intergrade Hole was first presented as a portable sound sculpture within the context of Otobong Nkanga’s exhibition ‘Crumbling Through Powdery Air’ at Portikus, Frankfurt a. M. in 2015.