Linger On Your Pale Blue Eyes

17’31” (loop)
Director: Thuy- Han Nguyen-Ch
Composer: Gailė Griciūtė

‘Linger On Your Pale Blue Eyes’ explores the quest for freedom of a scientist through observing the rhizomatic unfolding of her inner monologue. Feeling psychologically suffocated from living in a suppressive political system — “submerged in a conscious distortion of truth” — she escapes from her society by navigating through the Black Sea in darkness with the aid of the Polar Star and the continuously changing starry sky.

You are invited to enter the dynamic mindscape of an escaping persona, a mental laboratory dealing with multiple layers of reality. In various states of darkness/brightness an unknown mind/body oscillates between different dimensions of dis/orientation, while navigating through a space of poetic and political imagination.

This interdisciplinary work is based on a true story, and was developed in collaboration with a dancer/choreographer from the Forsythe Company/Frankfurt, a composer from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre/Vilnius, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics/Heidelberg and The Institute for Quantum Optics and Information/Vienna.