Technologies Of The Non/Self

Lecture performance with piano and video metronome, 40′
Performed at Rundgang, Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main
Gailė Griciūtė, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi

In this open 4-cycled composition each performer embodies an autopoietic organism that creates an open source system that is in dialogue with another system. Each cycle is base don four different processes found in nature, which fosters various experiences of the non/self in space-time until its completed is solution in the last cycle. The compositional form sets a framework for the performers (storyteller and pianist) to interact with each other at the threshold between structure and improvisation, limitation and liberty, as each of them interprets the score based on her subjective perception. A 4-cycled video installation acts like a stream of consciousness within the space, simultaneously functioning as a visual metronome for the performers. During the procedure of sound creation performers are encouraged to give riseto physical movements within the space and to use their voice/instrument in combination with the body of sounds and object available in the present.

Compositional Structure
The composition embraces a transformation process which moves through four different sub-processes:
I. Migration
II. Transdifferentiation
III. Spiralization
IV. Rhizomization

Through the production of stories and sounds within these very structures the performer has the possibility of experiencing space-time-mind in various ways while having the liberty to decide for himself how to read and approach the notations. The score creates a platform for new possibilities of perception, subjective connections, random or subconscious chains of event.

“I wanted to swallow myself by opening my mouth very wide and turning it over my head so that it would take in my whole body, and then the Universe, until all that would remain of me would be a ball of eaten thing which little by little would be annihilated: that is how I see the end of the world.“
Jean Genet, Our Lady of the Flowers